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Mission Statement

The mission of Jays Drug is to provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients through the provision of quality drug products, healthcare supplies, and equipments. In this rapidly changing society, diabetes has been one of the increasingly common conditions for people due to more complex lifestyles. When the diabetes is overlooked and stays untreated, it leads to many complications. Diabetes is not a difficult condition to treat, and the key to the treatment is to understand the origin and learn how to control the condition. Therefore, Jays Drug is dedicated to serve and improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes through education seminars, so that patients will be able to learn about prevention and control techniques from an expert with more than 30 years of experience in this field. The education seminars include, but not limited to, individual counseling of patients, information session for drug therapy, exercises, diet routines, proper foot care, and glucose monitoring. It is our belief that well-informed patients not only maintain healthy practices for themselves but also assist other patients nearby, which eventually leads to an overall improvement of the well-being of the society and fulfills our mission

About Us

handsome doctor이 무료 당뇨교육 웹 사이트는 미국 로스앤젤레에서 1982년 부터 현제까지 제일약국(Jays Drug)과 당뇨교육센터를 운영하고 있는 재미 한국약사 신재권에 의해 만들어 졌읍니다.

당뇨병은 낫는병이 아니며 조절하는 병이라는 사실을 먼져 알아야합니다. 수년동안 당뇨 세미나를 갖으면서 항상 느끼는것은 환자 개인마다 당뇨병의 정도가 다를뿐만 아니라 운동이나 식사 또는 약에 대한 각 개인의 반응이 다르므로 자신에 대한 당뇨병의 정도 그리고 운동, 식사의 결과 또는 약사용의 지식을 아는것이 중요합니다.

즉, 같은양의 식사나 같은 양의 운동이 나와 다른 당뇨인에게 다르게 반응 하므로 자신에 맞는 운동 식사 약물사용을 숙지 하는일이 중요합니다. 좋은 당뇨약을 찾을 수 없고 나의 맞는 당뇨약은 찾을 가치가 있는것입니다. 이 교육 웹사이트는 각 개인의 당뇨 조절방법을 찾는데 도움이 되도록 만들어 졌읍니다.

7가지의 중요한 원리를 이해하고 지키고 7 사람의 당뇨인과 의견을 나누고 다함께 3개월 평균치 검사에 7.0 이하가 되도록 노력합시다. 더 알기를 원하시는 분은 당뇨 실력 테스로 당뇨지식을 점검 하시고 E-Education 을 공부 하시고 연락을 주시면 E-Education 문제 50을 보내 드리겠읍니다. 이를 다 이해 하신분 께는 Certificate를 드리고 많은 당뇨인에게 도움을 주실수 있읍니다. 자신의 건강과 타인의 건강을 지켜 건강한 가족과 사회를 이뤄 가는것이 이 웹사이트의 목적입니다.

신재권 약사(Jae K. Shin R.Ph)

Jays Drug, Los Angeles Ca U.S.A

Lantana Pharmacy, Camarillo Ca U.S.A.

A Message from Jae k. Shin R. Ph, owner and manager of the Pharmacy

This is a free diabetes educational website managed by Jae K. Shin R. Ph (Registered Pharmacist in U.S.A) owner and managing pharmacist of Jays Drug in Los Angeles area since 1982.

Diabetes is not a curable disease but it is a controllable one. I have held educational diabetes seminars for many years and the one thing I know is that the degrees of diabetes are all different in all patients so the way of controlling it is also a little different for each individual. Therefore, without studying diabetes principles, it is not easy to understand diabetes or how to control it.

Many medical professionals cannot give sufficient support to each patient and there is not enough information in booklets which are usually written in a complicating way. Many health foods which are not proven to be helpful by medical authorities can be a waste of the patient’s time and money. But if the patient understands a few rules or principles of diabetes, the patient will be able to better control this disease and prevent it from becoming a major complication.

This website will help the patient to understand the ‘7 Principles’ simply and so that he can teach it in the same way to 7 other patients and then many more diabetics will be able to maintain their diabetes 3 month average test (Hemoglobin a1c test) score below 7.0.

Diabetes must be controlled in the future for my health, for my lovely family and to better serve the community.

Jae k. Shin R.Ph

Jays Drug

Lantana Pharmacy – Camarillo, CA USA
Jays Drug – Los Angeles, CA USA